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A Storm of Secrets by Shona Perrett

A Storm of Secrets

Welcome to my tour stop for A Storm of Secrets by Shona Perrett! This is a new adult psychological thriller. The tour runs December 1-11 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

A Storm of SecretsAbout the Book:

Special Agent Rios wakes up in an abandoned aeroplane. He finds himself on an unfamiliar island in the Bermuda Triangle, suffering from what appears to be amnesia. He must search for clues about his identity, as well as decipher the secrets of the island itself.

But will the truth be too terrifying to live with? Strangers hell-bent on murder, stranded young pilots, and signs of organized weapons trade. These things only touch the surface. What lurks in the skies above is far more sinister.
There is a strange energy high above the clouds, stewing deep within the Bermuda waters. And it grows restless. A storm is coming. A storm like no other, seeking to invade their minds. With the help of his newly acquainted team of special ops pilots, Rios must find a way to stop the storm before it destroys them…from the inside out.  

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The roof arched upwards in the middle, its large beams a dark wood stain, more striking in appearance against the soft white walls. There was a grand chandelier drooping down just above head height, Timothy calculated it must be around four feet wide. The room, although large, felt warm and inviting. The seats were cushioned and reclined. There was a large rock fireplace in the dining section and an open lounge area off to the side. 
Graeme handed Timothy and Aiden each a numbered key. “Your rooms for the night. Have a pleasant evening gentlemen” he said with a brief head nod, turning and leaving out a side door.
Timothy spotted Tia with a man at the bar, who was loudly saying something about cockpits and fuel canisters. Tia made a disgusted gagging noise as she walked away, an expression of relief on her face as she noticed Timothy and Aiden at the entrance. 
“Hey boys. You made it, finally!” 
Aiden poked out his tongue.
The three sat at the corner side of the bar and flicked open the dinner menus. There were a handful of agents sprinkled throughout the quarter. Some were laughing together by the unlit fireplace, others were sitting quietly by themselves, eating and reading. One was playing softly on the black polished piano in the corner. 
Sam had sat with a young female agent, most likely trying his luck, as usual. Most of the men were wearing suits apart from a few of the rowdier ones who were dressed in workout gear, their brightly coloured Lycra shorts making quite a statement against the black loungers they were sprawled on.
Timothy swivelled his bar chair to face Tia. “So I guess you heard the details of our test. A little unexpected, but nothing we can’t handle right?”
“Yeah. I was actually hoping for a good old-fashioned race, but working with agents makes up for that.”
Timothy smiled in agreement. The two were silent for a few long moments, skimming the menu. Aiden was signing something indecipherable, and most likely inappropriate in Sam’s direction.   
“So Tia-” Timothy lifted his eyes to face her, but then redirected his gaze onto his menu, noticing that her full attention was on him. “Is everything okay? You seemed…I don’t know.” He looked up. “Distracted earlier?”
Tia smiled a little, tilting her head to the side. “I’ve been better. It’s just, um, some complications with a friend. It’ll work itself out though, I’m sure. Thanks for asking.”
Timothy nodded at Tia, then ordered his dinner. He turned back to face her. “So are you heading out to the lake again for semester break?”
“No, I don’t think so. I’ll have to see how things go yet.” Tia smiled, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear.
Timothy hesitated. She always went to the lake…He swallowed curiosity down with a glass of whiskey that the barman had just poured him. 
The television above the bar flicked on as Tia finished making her dinner order. It spat static noise, then the sports channel came blaring on, capturing Aiden’s attention. 
Timothy and Tia exchanged a quick smile. Timothy tilted his head, glaring into the kitchen, as if food should have arrived in the two minutes since they ordered. 
He was being ridiculous, he knew that. But his nerves sometimes got the better of him, turning him into an impatient, obnoxious jerk. It was a coping mechanism he had developed in his early teens to deflect the mockery of the boys twice the size of him. But even years later, after passing through the awkward, insecure stage of puberty and all that went with it, he still hadn’t managed to completely kick the habit. 
Timothy breathed in slowly, trying to calm back into his own skin. He lifted a hand, signalling the barman for another drink. “So what about those Rangers huh?” he asked Tia jokingly.
Tia’s attention had floated off somewhere. “What?”
“I’m attempting to talk sports” Timothy said pointing up at the TV. “Obviously it’s not working.”
“Oh I see. Yes, uh, Rangers. That ref was outrageous last time” Tia said playfully, joining in on what was clearly an unnatural conversation for the both of them.
“I know right. Sounding off that whistle like he was getting paid per blow.”
“Paid per blow, interesting payment system I must say.” 
“That sounded worse out loud, didn’t it?”
Tia laughed. 
Timothy pointed at the top shelf of the bar. “How about an um, a…”
“Two more please. On him” Tia said to the barman.
“I was getting there.”
Tia smiled teasingly. “So what’s your plans for the summer Timothy? You going to disappear again?”


Author photoAbout the Author:

Shona Perrett is a first time author, blogger and closet poet. Her novel A Storm of Secrets is due to release November 2015. Shona studied applied writing in her home town of Whangarei, and is now looking to branch out into creative business enterprising. Passionate about finding beauty in the dirt, she aims to write stories of redemption. Shona believes that narratives exist to teach us how to love one another. That every day, we all communicate through the medium of story, seeking out ways to connect with the world around us. She believes they are one of the most ancient forms of creative expression and vulnerability, and are therefore a fundamental part of what it means to be human. You can visit her at www.shonaperrett.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shona.perrett


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