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Cover Reveal ~ Boss Me by Lacey Black

Boss Me
Rivers Edge book 5
Lacey Black


Last man standing. That’s the way it feels when Will Stevens looks at the happiness
and fulfillment his siblings have found. Will isn’t necessarily looking for “happily ever
after” but...what if? The one thing that helps him get through the loneliness of
bachelorhood is his job. As a paramedic with Rivers Edge Health Care, Will is
dedicated to saving lives. But one person has the potential to jeopardize everything he
has worked for: his boss.

Carmen Brady is a woman working in a man’s world. Determined to be taken as a
serious professional, Carmen is hard and ruthless on the job; not interested in being
anyone’s friend. There’s no room for personal relationships in the workplace, and
Carmen is unwavering in her pursuit to run a tight ship in the Emergency Department at
Rivers Edge Health Center. Yet, as much as she tries, Carmen can’t seem to stop
thinking about one man she can’t have: her employee.What happens when the line between work and personal is crossed? Can Will and Carmen keep the two worlds separated? Everything comes down to a single choice: love or career?

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Other Books In The Series

Trust Me Rivers Edge Series – Book 1 (FREE)

After all of the devastating betrayals by the one she loved, Twenty-two year old Avery
Stevens has spent three years raising her daughter alone, with her family and best
friend as a support system, never leaving her small hometown of Rivers Edge, Missouri.
Though Rivers Edge holds the pain of her past, it also holds the one person she wants
but can’t have – her brother’s best friend, Maddox Jackson. When she learns the
attraction might not be one-sided, will Avery be able to trust Maddox with the one thing
she’s held onto tightly for the past few years?
Police officer Maddox Jackson is a ladies’ man with one foot out the door. Never
planning to settle down, Maddox fights the attraction he feels for his best friend’s little
sister, Avery. But can he continue to fight it when his body and his heart are leading him
to the one woman he shouldn’t want?
When secrets are finally exposed, can Avery and Maddox trust each other enough to
overcome the past, handle the present, and preserve their future? Can Avery trust
Maddox with her heart? Will Maddox be able to convince Avery to take the chance?
**This book is intended for an audience of 18 or older due to graphic sex scenes and

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Fight Me Rivers Edge Series - Book 2

Jake Stevens has it made. A local police officer with an open invitation to any number
of beds around town, Jake has no desire to settle down with any of the ladies he
entertains by night. After watching his best friend fall in love with his little sister, Jake is
certain that love and marriage just aren’t in his cards. Heck, he’s not even playing with
the same deck.
After Jake encounters a blast from the past one night, he finds himself swimming in
uncharted waters. For the first time, Jake has found a woman he can’t get out of his
mind. The kicker? The woman wants nothing to do with him.
Erin Anderson returns to the small Missouri town of Rivers Edge for a job after a twenty
year absence. Erin spent years loathing the memory of Jake Stevens for his cruelness
back in seventh grade. Now, Jake appears to be the same self-centered player he was
in junior high, and no one seems to be able to push her button the way the cocky, yet
devastatingly handsome cop does.
Between circumstances that keep thrusting them together and Jake’s persistence to
annoy her, Erin struggles to fight her growing feelings for Jake. But, can Erin get past
the hurt she felt all those years ago at the hands of a young Jake? Can Jake show Erin
that what they have is worth fighting for?

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Expect Me Rivers Edge Series -Book 3

Travis Stevens struggles to move on and forget about the one amazing night he spent
tangled up in the sheets with a beautiful woman who disappeared just before dawn.
Now she’s just a memory that he can’t ignore. But what do you do when the woman
invades your thoughts day and night?
Josselyn McCray spent one perfect night wrapped up in the strong arms of a handsome
stranger before running out in the early morning light. Now she’s out of money and luck
and forced to make some life-altering decisions about her future. A future that is going
to involve the man she hasn’t been able to forget.
Brought together by one night of passion, Travis and Josselyn are now linked forever.
Will Travis and Josselyn be torn apart by demanding responsibilities and the stresses of
getting to know each other? Or will they overcome the odds and find their way to
happily ever after?
One thing is certain: life isn’t always what you expect.

*This book is intended for an audience of 18 or older due to graphic sex scenes and
**Can be read as a standalone but would be better enhanced by reading the previous
Cover by Gin’s Book Notes & Designs

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Promise Me Rivers Edge Series -Book 4

Holly Jenkins watched her best friend finally get her happily ever after. While there’s no
one more deserving than Avery Jackson, Holly can’t fight the longing and ache that
settles in her chest when she thinks about her own solitary life. After kissing so many
frogs, Holly starts to wonder if Prince Charming even exists.
Jase Bentley is worn out. As lead singer of the award winning rock band, Bent, Jase
has everything he could possibly ever want at his fingertips. When you’re on top, the
music industry moves everything within arm's reach; money, fame, and women just ripefor the plucking. Everything except for the one thing he’s really looking for. The one
dream he can’t seem to make come true.
What happens when two people from different worlds meet and are thrust into
unfamiliar and unsettling territory? Can Holly navigate the demands of dating someone
with a high profile profession? Can Jase walk away from the only lifestyle he’s ever
known for the first woman who’s ever made him want to?
Promises are made, but can they keep them?

*This book is a novella. 36,000 words

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Protect Me-Rivers Edge Book 5

Nate Stevens loves three things: Work, Family, Women. In that order. Having
absolutely no desire to follow in three of his siblings’ footsteps by settling down, Nate
lives for his work as a firefighter. That’s why his chance meeting with Lia leaves himunsettled like never before. There’s just something about the beautifully shy and
reserved woman that he can’t walk away from.
Run. Hide. Keep moving. That’s exactly what Lia Walker has done for the last nine
months. Escaping from her past, Lia continues to move from place to place before
finding herself in the small town of Rivers Edge, Missouri. Following a chance
encounter with her new boss’ brother, Nate, which leaves Lia feeling confused and
vulnerable for the first time in months, Lia has to make a decision: to run or to stay.
When pasts are finally exposed, Nate and Lia find themselves at a crossroads. Nate will
do anything to protect Lia from her past, but the question remains: Will Lia let him?
When Lia’s past finally catches up with her, will running be the only way to protect the
ones they love most in this world?

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Meet the Author

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She
carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity
to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about
contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense.
She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate
lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races and should only consume one mixed drink
because she’s a lightweight.
Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014. It spent several weeks in
the top 100 in contemporary romance on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers for e-books.
Fight Me, book 2 in the Rivers Edge series, released December 2014 and was followed
by Expect Me, Rivers Edge book 3 in February 2015 and Promise Me: A Novella in April
2015. All were Amazon Best Sellers in contemporary romance.

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Her Unexpected Detour by Kyra Jacobs

Her Unexpected Detour by Kyra Jacobs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: September 14th, 2015 by Entangled Publishing

Sometimes it's not the destination, but the detour...

Kayla has the perfect strategy for a broken heart: work, work, and more work. Then a storm sends her car skidding off the road, stranding her in Mount Pleasant. Fortunately, rescue comes in the form of the incredibly handsome but gruff Brent Masterson. And he's hot enough to tempt Kayla into doing something she never thought she could do...

Brent Masterson swore he would never give into the fierce attraction that's been sizzling between him and Kayla since they first met. He has his own demons, and he won't risk his heart again. Not even for someone as gorgeous and amazing as Kayla. exactly did he end up in Kayla's bed last night?

But sometimes all it takes is an ice storm to show two broken hearts the way home...      

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Guest Post

Hi everyone! I’m romance author Kyra Jacobs, here to share with you a bit about my latest release, HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR (Entangled Bliss, September 2015). This story is near and dear to my heart, and I’m so excited to see the first book in this series come to life. Before we jump into the excerpt, though, I was asked to share a bit about me and the book’s main characters, Kayla Daniels and Brent Masterson.

Well, really the questions were aimed at me , but Kayla thought an interview sounded fun too. And Brent, well, he didn’t have much of a choice as Kayla dragged him along for the ride. Said something about him owing her for some crazy scheme involving an extra-bumpy, off-road getaway that caused several kinks she’s still trying to work out of her neck… Anyway, I do hope you’ll enjoy this bit of fun with the three of us. Here goes:

What’s your favorite food?

Me: Ice cream, hands down.

Kayla: Ooo, me too. I love taking trips to DQ with my brother, Tommy.

Brent: Bacon. Really, was that even a question?

Name you favorite season:

Me: Autumn. I love watching the leaves change colors nearly as much as watching my sons run and dive into our freshly-raked piles of them.

Kayla: Wow, tough question. I love the warm-weather months, especially springtime when sleeping flowerbeds begin to awaken. Seeing their sunny blooms always reminds me of my mom.

Brent: Summer—it’s tank top season. (*Kayla jabs him in the ribcage*) What? So I have a thing for bare shoulders?

Name you favorite time of day:

Me: Twilight, especially in the summer when the heat of the day begins to dissipate.

Kayla: Mid-day. If I can make it past lunchtime and stay on schedule, then I’m ready to take on the world before quitting time.

Brent: Morning. I love to watch the sunrise with my pup and a cup of coffee from my front porch. Nice and quiet, since Kayla’s usually still sawing logs upstairs.

Kayla: There is no log-sawing and you know it.

Brent: Uh, huh…

Tell us about your pets at home

Me: Well, I already mentioned my boys—they’re eight and thirteen and sure seem like wild animals at times. Lol Aside from that, we also are the proud owners of one chocolate-colored Mini-Rex rabbit named M&M.

Kayla: I have Brent.

Brent: We can change that, little Miss Log-Sawer.

Kayla: Right. Ruby would kill you if I got tossed to the curb.

Brent: Probably. But then she’d just try to set you up with Miles, so...

Kayla: Fine, I take it back. Wouldn’t want to totally mess up book 2—Kyra would never let me hear the end of it. (*She sighs*) No, I didn’t bring any pets up from Indiana with me.

Brent: (*Looks back to me, triumphant*) Before recently, my only roommate was one overgrown Newfoundland. He’s pretty mellow, and for the most part is a terrific dog. Though, he sure loves Kayla. She can barely walk from the room without tripping over him somedays.

Kayla: Aw, but he’s a sweetheart. Just loves to get my attention, that’s all.

Brent: So do I. (*Begins to kiss his way across her bare shoulder and up along her neckline, then whispers something in her ear. She smirks as her cheeks turn rosy*)

Me: You two look like you could stand to use a little alone time—I know how crazy it’s been, helping Ruby with the inn this summer. (*They lean in for a kiss, ignoring me completely now*) 

Yeah, maybe it’d be best if I go now. The readers can find answers to the rest of these questions in the book, anyway.

Thanks so much for allowing us to pop by for a Q&A session today! J For a little extra fun I’ve included HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR’s blurb and an excerpt below. Enjoy!


“Really, I’m fine.”

“Regardless, I’ve been tasked with seeing you to your room.”

Tasked. He sure knew how to make a lady feel special. Kayla tested to make sure her ankle would cooperate, then started for the lobby.

“Your grandmother really does rule the roost, doesn’t she?”

“It is her inn,” he replied.

Touché .

They mounted the stairs, her before him. He stayed close, as though unconvinced she could make it on her own, and his cologne tickled at her senses. Senses that became more alert with each step she took. Brent remained silent, an unspoken yet palpable tension growing between them.

What was it about this man that left her so unsettled?

Kayla reached the landing and continued on to the hall. A few more steps and she’d be away from the tension, away from the scowls. But when they reached her suite she paused, torn. Behind the closed door was a night full of what so many before had held: loneliness. And for the first time in forever, she longed for something more. A playful grin tugged at her lips.

“So, you’ve been assigned the room beside mine, huh?”

Oh, she was playing with fire, and she knew it. But desperate times called for desperate measures. She couldn’t spend all evening in there, alone with her thoughts and worries. Brent stared down at her and said nothing, his right brow raised but eyes unreadable.

“Oh, that’s right. It’s her inn.” She was taunting him now, and enjoying the heck out of herself. “You know, she’s got you both trained quite well.”

She took a step forward and felt an unexpected surge of confidence when Brent remained in place, albeit with narrowed eyes. Still, he said nothing.

“I am curious, though.” Kayla placed her hands upon his chest. His oh-so-solid chest. “That whole thing about treating me like royalty? Just how far does that extend?”

“I’m the groundskeeper, nothing more.”

“Hmm. But you’re off the clock now, correct?” Kayla took another step closer, pressing her body lightly into his. “So what do you have planned for after-hours tonight, Mr.Masterson?”

Brent’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “That depends,” he said after a moment, his voice low, rough. “Is this you asking, or the wine?”

Kayla’s gaze shifted to his lips. Definitely not the wine, she knew as her pulse quickened. It may have lowered her defenses, but her mind was clear as a bell. A bell that desperately needed a grand distraction. She stretched up on her tiptoes and brought her lips a whisper away from his.

“Me,” she breathed. “Definitely me.”

About the Author

Kyra Jacobs is an extroverted introvert who writes of love, humor and mystery in the Midwest and beyond. When this Hoosier native isn’t pounding out scenes for her next book, she's likely outside, elbow-deep in snapdragons or spending quality time with her sports-loving family. Kyra also loves to read, tries to golf, and is an avid college football fan. Be sure to stop by her website to learn more about her novels and ways connect with her on social media.


A Wife In Every Sense by Joanne Walsh

A Wife in Every Sense by Joanna Walsh
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication: September 14th, 2015 by Entangled Publishing

Kate Burrows is crushing on her boss big time. Aleksei Aleksanou is tall, dark, and every inch the image of a classic Greek god—if said Greek god was incredibly sexy, rich, and a complete player. The only way she can get over him is by quitting her job and seeing the world...once she indulges in one wickedly-hot night with him.

Only now she's pregnant.

Aleksei is furious when Kate arrives on the small Greek island of Naxea and tries to hide the truth for him. He takes matters into his own hands—by announcing the pregnancy to his family and asking her to marry him. Now Kate must decide if she can marry the man of her hottest, sexiest dreams...knowing she will never be the wife of his heart. 


Guest Post

My lifelong love affair…with Greece!


Joanne Walsh

It’s no coincidence that my latest novel, A Wife in Every Sense, is set on a fictional Greek island—I just adore Greece, and have spent a number of happy holidays there. In fact, mid-September this year, I will be heading for my annual vacation o n Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands that lie to the west of the mainland. Kefalonia was the setting for a great literary love story, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin—you may have seen the film version starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz.

A good part of my latest novel, A Wife in Every Sense, takes place on Naxea, the home of Aleksei Alexanou, a Greek property tycoon. Aleksei has spent a night with his ex-personal assistant, Kate Burrows, and both are to discover their passion has a lasting price against Naxea’s beguiling backdrop—there may be trouble brewing, but it’s alongside generous helpings of tasty food, heady wine, warm sunshine and the cerulean Aegean Sea!

I based Naxea on another island that’s a favourite of mine, Naxos in the Cyclades. I went to Naxos regularly when I was younger—and free and single—with the same group of friends, and came to love its warm, friendly inhabitants, its picturesque and ancient main town, beaches of blond sand where turtles come to lay their eggs, and the citrus and olive groves that tumble down its rocky cliffs and hillsides. Kate, my heroine in A Wife in Every Sense, falls for Naxea for the very same reasons, and she discovers the secrets of Aphrodite’s Point, a small rocky outcrop in on which stands a small classical temple built to honor the goddess of love, that hold the key to unlocking Aleksei’s frozen heart. Naxos is also said to have been visited by Aphrodite, and on the tiny Palatia islet, linked to Naxos Town by a short causeway, stands the remains of a 6th century BC marble temple dedicated to her.

Please do come and join me, and Kate and Aleksei, on Naxea and let it—and the powers of Aphrodite—bestow you with lasting love!

About the Author

Joanne Walsh became hooked on romance when her grandma gave her a copy of Gone with the Wind for her birthday. The teachers at her strict girls' school didn't approve of reading such a 'racy' novel and confiscated it. But Joanne had been introduced to Rhett Butler and so began her life-long love affair with the rogue alpha hero. She became a voracious romance reader and, later, enjoyed a long career as an editor for one of the world's leading women's fiction publishers, where she collaborated with some wonderful writers.

These days, Joanne lives in the south of England and divides her time between working as a freelance fiction editor and writing romance, and spending time with her very own real-life hero...

TRUTH (The Vengeance Duet, Book 2) Special Pre-order Price & DIRTY (The Vengeance Duet, Book 1) by A.C. Bextor

The Vengeance Duet
by A.C. Bextor

Truth (The Vengeance Duet, Book 2)
Coming 9/27

The players have been identified and the plan is in formation.
Connotation. Inference. Postulate.
To ensure Casey's safety and avenge his sister's death, Max Taylor continues his vow for vengeance against the men who threaten harm to those he loves.
Trueness. Verity. Honesty.
His life within the Creed MC compound is darkening as each day passes. Until now, he's been left without word from those who swore their allegiance to his cause.
Veracity. Credibility. Authenticity.
As the bonds of brotherhood are further tested, Max is soon forced to accept what should ultimately set him free.

Special pre-order price of $2.99 
This is the final book of the Vengeance Duet and categorized as romantic suspense, which includes darker themes. Due to situations and content, this book should not be read by those under the age of 18.

Pre-order ~

Amazon US / UK / CA / AU

Teasers ~


Dirty (The Vengeance Duet, Book 1)
Available NOW!

A seemingly innocuous five letter word until you pull back the layers of its meaning. 
Imprisoned in a small room within the walls of the Satan's Creed Motorcycle Club compound, eleven-year-old Casey Richards struggles to survive the only life she was raised to know. Her mother, a club whore, and her father, an unknown outlaw she's never met, Casey's fate is all but sealed in the eyes of the club. 
Foul. Unclean. Undesirable.
Trapped in a loveless marriage, and with no children of her own, Emilyn Carsen is the only living soul willing to fight for her niece, Casey. She's all but given up on saving her until the one man she's longed to see again unexpectedly finds his way back to town and into her life. 
Sordid. Vile. Unscrupulous.
Max Taylor, former-biker of a disbanded MC, has been holding onto reasons to avoid coming back to the small town he grew up in. The same ghosts that drove him away eventually force Max to find his way back. Now that he's home, he may be Casey's only chance for freedom. 
Filthy. Hateful. Impure.
In order to get to Casey, Max must find a way to infiltrate the MC. Setting up a meet with Hoss, Satan's Creed's President who's known for his depravity as much as his double-crossing ways, it's made clear that forming an alliance is going to be more of a challenge than he expected. Now he must prove his loyalty to the club and in doing so, he's forced to get his hands... 
Although this book has been divided into two parts, book one ends with a natural break in the story before heading into book two, which publishes late September 2015.

This is book one in the Vengeance Duet and is categorized as romantic suspense, which include darker themes. Due to circumstances and content, this book should not be read by those under the age of 18. 

Amazon US / UK / CA / AU

About The Author ~

AC Bextor lives in a small town in the Midwest. When she's not writing she can be found reading or watching her favorite sports teams. She enjoys spending time outside fishing, swimming, or camping. 

Her first book, Holding On - Lights of Peril, published in October 2013. 

She's currently working on a new series, The Vengeance Duet, which is scheduled to be published Summer 2015.

You can visit her on -

Ringside by Tracey Ward

Ringside by Tracey Ward  
(North Star #3)  
Publication date: September 17th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Romance 

Synopsis ~

In life and in the ring, you never dish out pain you’re not willing to take. 

Kellen and Jenna have been friends for years. A boxer with a  shattered past and an artist with a wealthy family, they found each  other against all odds. Ever in each other’s corner, they grew up  together, watched relationships rise and crumble, and the only one  that’s always left standing is their own. 

Bound to each other by an unwavering friendship, undeniable love, and  a growing desire, timing has never been on their side. Not until now. 

Now they’ll find that falling in love was the easy part. That happily  ever after doesn’t come softly, and the end of their story is only the  beginning. 

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Excerpt ~

“Yer a big one, aren’t ya?” Grania asked conversationally.
I glanced down at her. “I’m tall, yeah. From the looks of it I didn’t get that from my grandfather’s side of the family.”
“Oisin was a stout man. Built like an ox but short as a goat. Whatever height ya have ya did’na get it from him. Yer girl tells me yer a fighter.”
“A boxer,” I corrected.
“A boxer, then. Do you win?”
“Almost exclusively.”
She grinned. “Ya did’na get that from him either.”
I sat down slowly, hesitantly. I didn’t take the stool Jenna had been perched on. I sat farther back, across from her with the fire crackling bright between us and our eyes on par.
“What did I get from him?” I asked.
She paused, looking me over again but her heart wasn’t in it. Her mind wasn’t behind it. It was somewhere else entirely.
“Ya asked her to marry ya,” she stated by way of answer.
“I did.”
“Because I love her.”
She hummed thoughtfully. It sounded like a song. “There are two types of men in the world. Men who want to be loved an’ men who love. Beautiful boys like yerself, like Oisin was an’ Mason is, ya want to be loved. Ya want to be looked at an’ adored, an’ that’s all well an’ fine, but it doesn’t keep a woman. If ya don’t ask yerself at the end of each night an’ the start of each day how ya can love her better, then ya have no business getting married at all.”
I chewed on that, pensively staring at her hands that sat weathered and still in her lap. I took my time, her time, probably something she didn’t have much of left, but still I took it. I considered her words and my answer carefully.
I sat forward slowly. “I don’t like people. In fact, I hate them. As far as I’ve seen the vast majority of them are liars and thieves who want one thing from you and they’ll do everything they can to get it, and they’ll leave you broken and alone once they have it. Some people are exceptions. Jenna is an exception, and still I have trouble. Still I have to work to love her every day because I’m fighting against a conditioning that tells me that she’ll ruin me in the end. But still I do it. I do it like I need it to breathe. Like I need it to live, because I do. Because when I’m not loving her, I’m not living. So you can spare me your Old World wisdom and folkish advice because there’s not a person alive or dead that’s walked this earth who could possibly begin to tell me how to love that woman better than I already do.”

About the Author ~

"I don't write romances, I write relationships. One is pretty and perfect and all consuming. The other is real." 

I was born in Eugene, Oregon and studied English Literature at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) I love writing all kinds of genres from YA Dystopian to New Adult Romance, the common themes between them all being strong character development and a good dose of humor. 

My husband, son, and snuggly pitbull are my world. 

Author Links:

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STEAM by Stacey Rourke

Steam by Stacey Rourke  
(The Legends Saga, #3)  
Publication date: September 14th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal 

Synopsis ~

Time passes, sins forgotten. 
The bodies of the victims long since rotten. 
Trapped within the essence of the Headless Horseman by the guilt of  slaughtering her best friend, Ireland Crane follows the father of  science fiction, HG Wells, in search of freedom from the curse that  binds her. Instead, she discovers even he has a hidden agenda. A dark,  relentless passion to be reunited with the woman he loves has driven him  to manipulate time and a murderous Horseman. 
Yet heed my warning, as the Raven flies, 
The Hessian will come … and you will die. 
All that prevents Ireland from abandoning Wells’ twisted pursuit, or  introducing him to her sword, are the undead witches haunting her.  Begging for freedom from a vile succubus, the ghoulish coven leads  Ireland and her crew on a journey through Salem’s sordid past. There,  they learn there is more to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s history than a scarlet  letter, and the secret they’ve uncovered seeks to destroy them all. 

Buy Links ~

Amazon US | UK

About the Author ~

RONE Award Winner for Best YA Paranormal Work of 2012 for Embrace, a Gryphon Series Novel 
Young Adult and Teen Reader voted Author of the Year 2012 
Turning Pages Magazine Winner for Best YA book of 2013 & Best Teen Book of 2013 

Stacey Rourke lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, dogs. She loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction  and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. Mark your calendars! Her latest literary adventure, Crane, will release May 26, 2014. She is currently hard at work on the continuations of this thrilling Legends Saga, as well as other literary projects. 

Author Links:

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Secrets That We Keep & Letters To Matt by Tara Lin Mossinghoff

Secrets That We Keep
by Tara Lin Mossinghoff

Synopsis ~

It is said that normal is boring. The same routine, the intact family, the future all planned out. Some might think this sounds dull, but it's exactly what Jesse had. And that's how he liked it. Dreams of being a doctor kept his nights busy with studying, leaving little time for a social life or a typical high school experience. 

Angie was the complete opposite. She thrived on spontaneity and seizing the moment. Having a broken family didn't make her bitter. In fact, it just gave her more room for love in her heart which she showered onto her friends. Impulsive and child-like were words used to describe her. 
During their senior year, Jesse and Angie's worlds collided. Simple friendship quickly escalated to adoration. These feelings led to a relationship that flourished. 

But what happens when dark secrets are revealed? When their entire lives, the perfect and the chaotic, are completely flipped upside down?

Book Links:

Teasers ~

"There's so much you can hide behind a smile. But eventually everything you're runnimg from will catch up with you. A story of strength and happiness that she'll fight like Hell to keep."

"Everyone has inner demons. Some are better at hiding them. Can love alone conquer her demons?"


Letters To Matt
by Tara Lin Mossinghoff

Synopsis ~

Some people work their whole lives to have it all. 

“I think it goes without saying that I miss you. So much that some days it feels like my heart might stop beating from it.” 

Some people search for that one thing that will complete them. 

“I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t breathe knowing you aren’t next to me.” 

Some people have it all ripped away in the blink of an eye. 

“I don’t know how people deal with this kind of loss.” 

And some people find solace in their own special way. 

“I know I can’t have a future with you, but I’m beyond grateful for the past we shared.” 

Book Links ~

Excerpt ~

“It won’t help,” I insist, shaking my head. “There has to be something you can do.”
“The only thing that would help is Matt being here,” I say. “Talking to him about Sophie and how much I love and miss him.”
“So do that,” Mandy suggests. I raise my eyebrows at her. “He used to write you those sappy love letters, right?” I nod my head . “Well, maybe you can write him letters . Tell him all the things you would if he were here. It’ll be kind of like coming full circle. He wrote letters to you, so you write letters to him. It’ll be all symbolic and shit.” 
I laugh, despite myself , but I’m considering it. It sounds like a great idea. I can’t talk to Matt in person, so this is the next best thing. “I’ll give it a shot,” I tell her. 
She smiles at me. Standing up, she claps her hands. “Now, get that skinny ass out there and be the awesome mom I know you can be!” 
I give her a small smile and walk from the bathroom. I make my way into the living room. Sophie is sitting on the floor playing with blocks. I walk over and pick her up. 
“Mommy’s so proud of you, baby girl,” I say, surprising myself when I find that I really mean the words.

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"In losing him, she found herself. An emotional heart wrenching story of surviving the unthinkable."

"It's said that only the good die young. And when those left behind must mourn their loss, love becomes the most important thing. Jaden is about to learn that the hard way."

About the Author ~

My name is Tara Lin Mossinghoff. I'm from a small town in Missouri. My passions include reading, writing, sarcasm, Harry Potter, and quoting movies. 
I first got into reading when I was younger and not wanting to do my homework. My mom would make me sit down and read even when I didn't have homework and I soon became obsessed. 
I discovered that I had a knack for writing when I was a teen. It started with fan fictions. Then, I realized that I had characters of my own wanting to tell their story. 
Now, my characters have become my best friends and they won't leave me alone until I write about them. They always remind me that I have little to no control over the stories, the brats. 
I have two books published with many more to come. My next book is set to release in November of this year. 
Working and writing is pretty much my life. I also spend time with my sister and her two kids, who are always keeping us on our toes. 
This writing journey has always been a dream of mine and I can't wait to see where it, and my characters, will take me.

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