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Cover Reveal ~ Worth The Chase by J. L. Beck

Title: Worth The Chase
Series: Worth It Series #1
Author: J.L. Beck
Genre: NA College Standalone Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2015

Gia King was more than tired of living under her father’s thumb. The Mafia King turned FBI agent was overly protective of her every move and college was her one and only savior. Going to Auburn University was her dream, and she couldn’t wait to be free. She was going to let her hair down and shuck the good girl appearance for a new side—a darker, sexier, and ten times worse, Gia. She was ready to push the boundaries. 
Chase Winchester was a God. No, seriously. Women all across campus sighed heavily when their eyes stumbled across him. He was arrogant, sexy, and he knew it. AU was just another reason for him to spread his feathers and dip his fingers into some prime sorority girls. 
Until Gia King came into his life, knocking him right on his ass. She was everything a man would want and yet, somehow, she was off limits. There was no way he could force himself to take her, unless she truthfully wanted him. 
College, romance, and two families who were hell bent on being enemies. Can love between these two really transpire or will everyone else have the last say. 
Sometimes you have to chase what you want.

J.L. Beck is the best selling author of numerous books including Indebted, Inevitable, Invincible, and The Bittersweet Series. She's best known for weaving a tale, that ends with your mouth hanging open, and your hands gripping the edge of your seat. 

She's a no holds bar author who enjoys spending time with her husband of seven years, three year old hellion, and Hatchi the fur baby. She calls Wisconsin home, but loves to travel. In her free time you can catch her watching bad reality tv, cooking, reading books, or spending time outdoors. 

Follow her to see what wicked adventures she's up too...


Cover Reveal - Stronger With Her by JA Hensley

Title: Stronger With Her
Author: JA Hensley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2015 

Stephanie’s life has been on auto pilot for years. Growing up a child prodigy with a troubled family does that to a woman. Her job as a computer tech just reinforces her invisibility. She wants to be seen, to be noticed, and her solution is working part-time as a dancer. What she wants more than anything else, is to be known. 
James suffered a tragic loss four years ago and has since kept his focus on work. He’s built Owens Ammunition from the ground up to be a very successful company. When his buddy makes him attend a birthday party, he’s forced to go outside his comfort zone.  That’s when he sees her on stage and his world shifts on its axis.
One night, one dance, one fateful meeting that changes two lives forever.  Will he find that he’s stronger with her?

J.A. Hensley's debut novel, Wedding Dreams, was named an Amazon Erotica Best Seller. She loves smut of all kinds and is a reader first. J.A. is constantly working on a new project, whether it's writing or working in her craft room. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, and spends her days teaching college students about social work and human sexuality.

Amazon USA Best Seller Erotica Category #91

With This Ring: Amazon USA Free Erotica #1
Amazon Best Seller Romantic Suspense:  Australia #60; Canada #23; USA #92

Winner: Sexiest Alpha Male—Ever After Author Event Readers Choice


Finding Scarlet by Beverley Hollowed

Title: Finding Scarlet
Author: Beverley Hollowed
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Release Date: June 25, 2015


What if you woke up one day and couldn’t remember anything, not even your name?

When Scarlet Doe woke up in a hospital bed, she remembered nothing. The only clue to who she was, was the locket around her neck with the words, ‘To Scarlet, love S’ on the back. She had no clue how she got there, or more importantly, why someone had tried to kill her.

When she woke to find Detective Oliver Caldwell in her room, something about him seemed familiar. Oliver was the person who had found her broken body at the side of the road and somehow he became her protector. Little by little, Scarlet knew Oliver was stealing her heart.

When Oliver found Scarlet that rainy night, something about her connected with him. Night after night, he stayed by her bedside, as slowly he fell in love with the girl no one knew. He is determined to help her find her past, but wants more than anything to be her future.

Can Oliver and Scarlet ever have a future, or will the killer return and finish what he started?

Or will Finding Scarlet, pull them apart?

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The last thing I could remember was a blinding pain. I felt like my head had exploded, then there was nothing but blackness. I tried to remember what I was doing before the pain began but it was like trying to figure out an over exposed photograph. There were shapes and shadows, but for the most part, it was unfocused and impossible to make out.

Where am I? I thought, but I couldn’t remember as the blackness took me once again.

Suddenly I felt cold and wet. It was raining, well I think it was raining. I tried to open my eyes but they didn’t seem to work. I tried to move my arms and legs. I pushed with all my might but they didn’t respond.

What the hell is wrong with me? I screamed inside my head. I tried to cry out for help but I couldn’t seem to form a sound, much less a word. Once more the blackness came and I stopped fighting it.

“Miss,” a man’s voice broke into the darkness. His voice was full of concern. I could feel his hand lift mine and press his fingers against my wrist. Then he leaned in over me, and I knew he was checking to see if I was still breathing. “Miss. It’s okay. Help is on the way. Just stay with me.”

Suddenly I felt warm. Something was covering me. 1 could smell something…aftershave perhaps.

“Everything is going to be okay,” the voice in the darkness whispered in my ear. “Can you hear me?”

“Ouchhhhh!” I groaned in a bear whisper.

“That’s it,” the voice said and I could hear the relief in his voice. “You stay with me. I need you to fight.”

“Mmmmm,” I groaned again as the faint sound of sirens could be heard in the distance.

“Can you tell me your name?” He whispered as he leaned in closer to me. He had a kind voice, it made me feel safe.

I tried to talk but the words were all jumbled in my head.

Why can’t I tell him my name? I thought as I became frustrated. Just say the words. My name is…My name is…What the hell is my name? Why can’t I remember it?

“Stay with me,” the voice whispered again, but it was just too hard. I was tired. I needed to sleep. The darkness fell again and I gave up fighting it.

Author Bio

My name is Beverley, though most people call me Bev. I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband, my two sons and my dog Alfie.

I released my first book, Forever and Always in December 2012. I have since released 9 more books, including two series.

I am stay at home mom and a full time writer.

I love music and almost anything creative.

I am currently working on book number 12, it's called Coming Around Again and will be releasing Book 11, All Time Love, on the 19th of October.

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Timeless Passion, Book 2 by K.B. Winters




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Grant Christiansen is bored. His life is a series of habits and headaches as he does his duties to carry on the family business. Outside of the office, he has deep, secret desires that he meticulously guards.

When things at work explode into chaos and a scandal is uncovered, Grant goes to the annual marketing symposium at the local college to find some new talent. The woman he meets there nearly brings him to his knees. She’s intelligent, talented, and doesn’t sugar coat anything—even once he reveals his true identity to her.

Megan Sinclair is a dark horse, determined to do whatever it takes to keep her family together while still chasing her own dreams of getting through college and launching her career in art. When Grant plants himself in her path, she can’t get him—or his words, out of her head. She knows there’s something about him that she won’t be able to escape. But at what cost?

Will Grant pull Megan into his world of dark secrets, or will she vanish out of his life before he gets the chance to show her his deepest, darkest fantasies?

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KB Winters is the author of the brand new Billionaire Romance Series, Plush. She has an addiction to caffeine and hard-bodied alpha males. The men in her books are very sexy, protective and sometimes bossy, her ladies are...well...bossier!
Living in sunny Southern California, this hopeless romantic writes every chance she gets!

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