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Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam's Confession by LaKisha Johnson

Title: Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession
Author: LaKisha Johnson
Genre: Romance


What is it with secrets, sex, lies and did I mention sex? 

For Camille, she has had her fair share of them all. From A Secret Worth Keeping to Ms. Nice Nasty. What’s next? Yea, she has always proclaimed to be “unapologetically Cam” but when it seems like the world around her is beginning to tumble down, she has to face some real truths about
whom she really is and who she wants to be.

With the help or the badgering of her therapist, Camille is able to finally confront a demon from her past. She, tearfully, admits the ultimate betrayal that forced her to hide the person she once was and become the person we’ve grown to love (or hate).

In, Cam’s Confession, we get to see how the façade of Cam was created to mask her pain and how it’s become first nature. Yes, in the courtroom, Camille commands the attention but in the bedroom; it’s Cam that is laying down the law!

You got to know Cam in A Secret Worth Keeping and even better in Ms. Nice Nasty but in this special edition of Ms. Nice Nasty, Cam’s Confession; Camille finally breaks her silence and lets you in on a little more of her personal life. She’s still the erotic vixen you love to hate but is she ready to let Cam go in order to save her marriage and possibly her career? Will therapy finally
give her the breakthrough she needs to let the secret life go? Or will Cam still be in denial about it all? Find out in this 11,000 word addition of Ms. Nice Nasty. Also, get a sneak peek into Ms. Nice Nasty 2 with a look into the first two unedited chapters. 

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I back up to the wall as he walks over to me and sniffs my neck. ‘You smell so good,’ he says as he licks down to my breast. I grab the back of his head as he sucks my nipple into my mouth. He alternates between the two before kissing down my stomach and inserting his tongue into my navel.

‘Hmm,’ I moan. I step my legs apart as he admires my freshly-shaven pussy. He rubs his hand over her while licking his lips. He turns me around and I smile.

He scoots back and pulls me away from the wall. I bend over with both hands against the wall as he
spreads my ass cheeks apart. ‘Ooo,’ I moan when I realize this man’s tongue is long, hard and warm.
He begins licking from my asshole down to my clit. I move out a little farther to make sure he has full access. He takes my clit into his mouth while inserting a finger into me.

‘You taste so good,’ he says, standing up and walking me over to the bed.

‘And you’re pretty good with the tongue.’

He pushes me down on the bed, on my back, before resuming the position on his knees. He spreads my lips and sucks my clit so hard that it causes me to grip the sheets on the bed.

He moves up to enter me but I rise up to stop him.

I push him back and stand up. I turn around and push him down to where he is sitting on the side of the bed. I walk over to my purse and grab a condom. He watches me as I walk back towards him so I add a little jiggle to it. I kneel in front of him and I grab his cock in my hand: he’s a nice size and I’m surprised. I take him into my mouth and I feel him tense up.

‘You ok?’

‘Yea, uh yes. Your mouth feels so good.’

I take him in again, this time sucking extra hard. I lick the head a little longer, allowing my tongue to
slip into the tip. He moans. I release him and lick him from the top to the shaft, then take his balls into my mouth. I lick back up allowing my saliva to drip all over him, rubbing him fast and hard before taking him, again, into my mouth. Those porn videos are paying off.

I make sure he is hard enough for me to slide the condom on. I sit up and open the condom, running
my hand over his now-hard cock as I slide the condom on. I stand up as I look him in the eyes.

He slides back on the bed. I position myself over him as I begin to play with myself, rubbing my clit and inserting a finger into me while he watches. Making sure she is good and wet, I slide down on him. I began to ride him and he closes his eyes.

‘Open your eyes,’ I command. I’m in charge this time. 

Meet the Author

LaKisha Johnson is a girl after God’s own heart; doing what she believes to be her purpose ...writing. In addition to being a published author, she’s the product of a large family, a wife of 16 years, mother of 2 and Memphis native. She’s an all-around talented young lady who holds two degrees from
Southwest TN Community College both in Information Technology and has worked in the corporate field for over 16 years. She is also a newly ordained minister, spiritual teacher, speaker and dedicated blogger, delivering a devotional blog 5 days per week entitled ”Kisha’s Daily Devotionals.”

LaKisha wants readers of her books to step outside the box and read with imagination. She wants them reeled in from the front cover to the last word, enjoying every second in between, asking for more. She doesn’t proclaim to be perfect, she just proclaims to be blessed because her motto is ”God’s purpose is bigger than any problem!”

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