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Falling In Deep Collection

Falling in Deep Collection
by Various Authors
Release Date: September 21, 2015

Synopsis ~

Our collection includes fourteen unique mermaid tales with over 900 pages of enchanting stories
from award-winning and best-selling authors!

From mermaids to sirens, Miami to Athens, dark paranormal romance to contemporary stories
with steam, the fourteen award-winning and best-selling authors of the FALLING IN DEEP
COLLECTION are bringing you mermaid tales like you've never seen before. Are you ready to
fall in deep?

Scales by Pauline Creeden

Ink: A Mermaid Romance by Melanie Karsak

Of Ocean and Ash by A. R. Draeger

Deep Breath by J. M. Miller

At the Heart of the Deep by Carrie Wells

The Mermaid's Den by Ella Malone

 The Water is Sweeter by Eli Constant

The Glass Mermaid by Poppy Lawless

An Officer & a Mermaid by Blaire Edens

How to be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes

Cold Water Bridegroom by B. Brumley

Immersed by Katie Hayoz

Siren's Kiss by Margo Bond Collins

To Each His Own by Anna Albergucci

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September 28th**

Excerpt ~

Title: At the Heart of the Deep

Author: Carrie L Wells

I caught sight of his cut, thought a moment, and swam away. He floated there, treading
water and wondering what would happen next. At that point, his face conveyed the pain in his
side. I watched an intense sting replace what I knew of the original burning sensation of a coral
abrasion, and the open wound spilled into the ocean at a steady pace.

Conceivably, I had underestimated the severity of the cut. Maybe the coral cut deeper
than I thought. The blood clouded the water surrounding him, and now the problem remained of
how to take the injured man across the reef without doing further damage. We still needed to
cross at least two miles and climb a rocky beach. Or did we?

Before he had time to contemplate any other option, I approached him from below. I
swam up to him slowly, and he did nothing. He didn’t dive to meet me or attempt to swim away.
He hung vertically in the water, waiting.

He must have felt me before he could clearly see me. The water shifted as I neared, my
physicality changing the flow of the ocean around me. He knew I was there, but he didn’t dive
below. Was he afraid? Too hurt to move? Instead, he stayed still, moving as little as possible,
allowing my approach, and keeping the blood loss at a minimum.

I moved below him and then up, along his body, until my head emerged from the inky blue water
and he stared into my eyes. He let out a fast gasp and quickly sank below the surface.

Author Interview ~

The Water is Sweeter

Interview with Author Eli Constant

1. What is your favorite mermaid story or myth?

It’s funny; I mean, I grew up with the traditional Hans Christian Anderson version of the Little
Mermaid and it always made me sad. Each sister before the littlest mermaid waited patiently until
she was old enough to experience the world above the water. They each came back with beautiful
stories, but they always came back. They returned to their home after witnessing wonderfulthings. The littlest mermaid was impatient, as we all are- wanting to grow up and then once we
have grown up, wanting to return to the novelty of youth- and when her time comes, she’s built
this amazing vision in her head of what the dry world is like.

And then she saves a prince. And she is willing to give up everything to be with him, because if
he loves her enough, more than anything else in the world, she gains a soul. So she abandons her
mermaid’s tail and her long life span, even though she is warned that it will bring her nothing but

But I always thought that the sea was the little mermaid’s soul. And she gave that up, devoted
every ounce of her being to winning the Prince’s hand, who would never love her.
And then she’s faced with killing her Prince or dying.

She chooses death, but finds life again in the sky.

How f***ing depressing is that?

So, I hate the traditional Little Mermaid. But, wait, I was supposed to say what was my favorite
mermaid story or myth?

Well, I sort of liked J.K. Rowling’s interpretation of mermaids… Yeah, they were cool. Of
course, I did ascribe to the happier version of a mermaid in The Water is Sweeter to balance out
Lena’s suicidal mindset.

2. What was the inspiration for your mermaid novella?


I’ve been a certified diver since the age of 14 (thanks, Dad!) and I always found that being in the
water diving helped me separate myself from things that were going wrong in my life. I took that
concept and I expanded on it, which makes The Water is Sweeter a deeply personal piece. At its
core, it’s about an orphaned woman who realizes her fiancĂ© is abusive, but she desperately clings
to the idea of family. When she tries to kill herself, she finds that she’s plunged into an
alter-reality beneath the waves. 

3. Cast your characters. 
If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?

An actress playing Lena would 
1) have to look great with maroon hair and 
2) be adept at playing ‘beautifully broken’. 
I think my top pick would be Rose Leslie. She has a fierce strength, but is wonderful at deep emotion. 

For Truman, I’d want someone who could play the pretentious, entitled asshole, but also being devilishly sexy. Maybe Tom Hiddleston. 

For Vera, I’d definitely want Alfre Woodard; she’s amazing.

4. What was most challenging thing writing about mermaids?

I wanted the details to feel real, to force my readers to plunge into the water and experience what
Lena was experiencing. I didn’t want to be too over-the-top with shimmering green tails and
other Disney-esque details. I wanted balance. That was difficult as I’ve been so inundated with
the happier version of mermaids. The hardest thing though was getting into the mind of a woman
who truly feels that suicide might be preferable to living. It’s a dark place. I’ve been there and it
jolts the psyche.

5. Ursula or Ariel?

Ursula, hands down. I loved the most recent season of Once Upon a Time. Villains need to win
every now and then. And Ursula was so wonderfully conniving in the Disney movie (she was less
so in the original HCA story, actually warning the littlest mermaid of what trading in her tail
would bring).

6. What else should we know about your novella?

It has a lot of ugliness in it- flashbacks to an abusive foster home, the reality of
psychological/verbal abuse in a relationship. If you’re going to read it, be ready to read all of it,
not just the happy bits under the sea. 

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