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Rebecca's Initiation by Gary Green

Title: Rebecca’s Initiation
Author: Gary Green
Genre: YA Fantasy

Rebecca’s Initiation is a fast paced fantasy adventure about a young girl who loses her mother in a car accident and has to go live with her grandmother. Her grandmother, Naomi, is an extraordinary woman who lets Rebecca in on her secret and initiates her into a world of magic populated with fairies, gnomes, elves and a dragon. Rebecca soon learns that her mother’s death was not an accident and that she was the intended victim. An ancient god has marked her for death and without the help of her new magical friends she is doomed. She has to learn how to defend herself—and learn fast. Rebecca’s Initiation will keep you guessing from beginning to end. 


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As got deeper and deeper into the woods, Rebecca found herself staring up into the tree tops. The trees were tall, really tall; with long straight trunks and no limbs until way at the top. She was staring up as she walked—not really looking where she was going—when she walked right smack into Pip.

“Hey, look where you’re going.” Pip said. He had, in fact, deliberately stepped in front of her when he noticed her looking into the tree tops because he thought it would be funny. He still thought it was.

“Oh, sorry.”

Pip chuckled then replied, “No harm done. Magnificent, aren’t they?”

Rebecca looked up too. “Yes, they’re so tall.”

“Yes, and look at how big around they are. I bet you couldn’t even reach around one. Go ahead and try, It’ll be fun.”

Rebecca, feeling kind of dubious about this suggestion because she clearly could not reach around any of these trees, decided to humor Pip. She stepped up to the nearest tree and wrapped her arms around it—barely reaching half way. Then she felt it. The tree started to vibrate. She jumped back. Then she heard it. It was like a low hum, then it got louder.

“Mmmmmm . . . . . thank you.” It was a deep quiet voice.

Rebecca looked at Pip, who was cackling with laughter. She started to suspect something was up, so she asked, “What’s going on?”

The deep voice again, “I was thanking you for the hug.”

Pip paused his laughing long enough to say, “You’re a tree hugger!”

Rebecca, who was a sharp kid by anyone’s standards, stared quizzically at Pip for a moment, then said, “Was that the tree? The tree is talking?”

“I knew it. You are a smarty-pants. I don’t care what anyone says. Yup, it was the tree.”

“Trees can talk?”

“Well, obviously.” Pip quipped, wiping tears from his eyes—his laughter finally subsiding. 
“Well, not all trees. It has to be an old one.”

“What do you mean, old?” The tree rumbled.

“Oh, sorry, mature then—no sense of humor, really. Anyway, Rebecca, forgive me. I just couldn’t resist. Opportunities to play that joke are almost nonexistent. I thought you should know. All things, living or otherwise, have Spirit. Trees, for example, can live so long that they develop personalities and the ability to talk. Although, they don’t talk to many people. So, I don’t want you to be surprised if you discover that babbling brook is actually babbling.”

It has been a long journey from depressed, lonely and alcoholic farm-boy to internationally known, award winning author. Using insight he gained from his own struggle he helped hundreds of individuals move from misery to joy during the many years he worked in the human services field. During his journey he also taught many other care-givers how to improve their ability to help others. 

During this time he became a practiced listener and a good story teller.

Now he divides his time between his small farm and writing inspiring and educational books.

His writings have helped many learn the skills needed to:

~ Reduce feelings of worthlessness and isolation
~ Increase feelings of happiness
~ Conquer addictions
~ Reach new levels of spiritual understanding
~ Improve relationships
~ Find hope

He has long lived by the motto “Inspire Joyful Sanity”. So, what the heck does that mean? Well, the inspire part is obvious. His definition of sanity is to understand and accept the universe and the rules that make it work. The joyful part refers to the idea that joy is the default state of the human mind. The idea is that as you understand and accept the rules of the universe you remove the barriers to being in a joyful state. His goal is to inspire joyful sanity in himself and others.

His first books were inspirational self-help. However, all his life he has been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Rebecca’s Initiation is his first attempt at writing fiction and the first of a planned series called Redemption.

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