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Petty Little Lives by Alice Reeds

Petty Little Lives
Release Date: 08/18/15
Limitless Publishing
316 pages

The only thing cousins Sapphire Hope and Roxanna Revolution have in common is they don’t want to spend the summer at their aunt’s Iowa farm.

Sapphire is an entitled L.A. rich-girl…
Spoiled by her Oscar-winning mother and a CEO father, Sapphire thrives on the lifestyle of a jet-setting socialite and aspiring model. She has no interest in rural life, or the strange cousin who seems to want to be her friend. About the only thing even remotely interesting about the farm is the good-looking intern at her aunt’s veterinary clinic, Dawn Matthews. He might do as a summer distraction.

Roxanna is a sensitive loner…
She spends her time playing guitar and posting videos for her YouTube subscribers, but at least at her aunt’s, nobody knows what she’s hiding. Since her secret drove her boyfriend away, she could use a few friends, but Sapphire clearly isn't interested—and even less so when Dawn prefers Roxanna's company over hers.

When Roxanna's secret comes out, Sapphire, Roxanna, and their friends are forced to view their lives from a new perspective and face choices they never thought they’d have to make.

 Can friendship and new love help them overcome physical and emotional challenges and learn what’s really important? Or will old habits and attitudes refuse to die?


Finally I spot Dawn surrounded by three dogs. They jump around him and then, as he seems to throw something, they run off like mad dogs. I step onto the grass, which only makes walking even more of an awful thing, and go toward him.
The dogs come running back toward Dawn, after they found whatever he threw them, but one of them speeds past him and shoots right toward me. Before I can go out of the way or react in any sort of way, the dog jumps at me and sends me tumbling down backward into the grass. Heels, bad balance, grass, and dogs are definitely not a good mixture.
“You all right there?” Dawn asks after he turns around and sees me flat on my back. “Donna, get down!”
The dog, Donna, climbs down from me and I sit up. Grass and dry earth covers me which I try to swipe away with my hands, which only works so well.
 “Nothing broken,” I say and stretch my hands out toward him so he’ll help me up. After a moment of thinking he bends down and takes my hands, which seem incredibly tiny compared to his, and pulls me back up on my legs. “So this is what you do on your free day, you play with the pack?”
“Today, yes.” He takes the ball which one of the dogs placed in front of him. I watch the muscles on his arms move as he throws it. Impressive for a farm boy.
“So,” I start saying as means of getting back his attention. “You’re Valesca’s intern for the summer, huh?”
“Yap,” he confirms without looking at me. 
“Why would a University boy want to hang out at a farm in the middle of Iowa instead of hanging out with his friends?”
“Because being an intern like this, especially at your aunt’s, gives you a lot of extra points which are always good, you know?” I still don’t get why working for or with my aunt would be such a big deal. She’s just a vet, nothing that special. “What about you, what major are you taking in college?” 
“I’m not going to college,” I say and chuckle lightly. “I don’t need that for the job I want to do.”
Dawn turns his head toward me and finally, actually, looks at me. One of his brows is raised in surprise, I suppose. “You’re not going to college? What else are planning on doing?”
“I’m a model.” I proudly strike a pose, one that I know most boys appreciate.
Dawn doesn’t seem impressed. Not even a tiny bit. Seems like farm boy will be a hard nut. Good— it’ll give me more of a challenge I can work on during my stay here. At least I’ll have something to entertain myself.

Alice Reeds was born in a small town in Germany but spent her first eight years in Florida, USA. Later on, she moved back to Europe, where her family moved around a lot. Alice is a soon-to-be freshman at University where she studies Political Science. In her free time Alice mostly writes, reads, or watches countless Let's plays.

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