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Deranged by Niko McQueen

Deranged by Niko McQueen
(Ivy Hollow Chronicles, #1)
Publication date: February 11th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance 

Adam Rossmore is a rich party  boy who doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s played the orphan card for too  long and it’s gotten him out of every DUI, arrest, and fine. 

Until now. 

When a judge slaps him with community service at the insane asylum,  Ivy Hollow, Adam thinks it’s all a joke. Until the doors lock and he  starts meeting the residents. 
Christian Hale has lived at Ivy Hollow his entire life. He seeks solace in his music—and whatever orderly happens to be nearby. 

When Adam hears Christian play  the piano for the first time, the music draws him deep into Christian’s  web and he must fight an arousal that is both confusing and exciting. 



Adam’s cock thickened beneath Christian’s attention and his own gaze drifted over Christian’s wet shirt and leather pants that clung to him. He might as well be naked standing here in the rain. The thick outline of his hard cock strained against his pants.

“Come inside, Christian.” Adam’s voice was strained and barely carried the distance.

“Inside where, Adam.” His name was a velvet purr. “Inside you?”

Adam’s hand instinctively flew to cover his cock and he stroked the length once to ease some of the pressure in his pants but it throbbed with the attention. He couldn’t let Christian leave. No matter what it meant for his night and his own escape, Christian could not leave the grounds. Adam tore his gaze away and twisted back into the room to yell for help.

Wet strong warm fingers grabbed his chin and turned his face. Then Christian silenced Adam with his lips. Warm and soft and demanding, they pushed against Adam’s, then Christian sucked his lower lip, pulling it deep into his own mouth. Adam couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t tear his eyes away from Christian’s so close. Droplets of water clung to Christian’s eyelashes. Adam’s dick pulsed and throbbed, matching the tug of Christian’s tongue against the sensitive flesh of his lip. His hips angled closer and brushed against the slick wetness of Christian’s thigh. As suddenly as he’d appeared, Christian let go of Adam’s lip and stepped away, taking the heat of his body with him. Adam could only stare dumbly as Christian strutted to the balcony and paused. Adam lifted his hand to restrain him, but Christian smirked and hopped over the stone railing and disappeared.

Racing to the railing, Adam leaned over the edge. Two stories below, Christian landed in a crouch and glanced up at Adam. With a wink he ran through the trees toward the garage.

Adam scanned the footing around the balcony, and then glanced again at the twenty-foot drop. There was no chance he’d be able to execute Christian’s well-practiced escape. Adam pounded his fist down on to the cold wet stone. “Fuck you, Christian.”

His lips still tingled and he lifted his fingertips to graze his lower lip. No one
had ever touched him like that. Not even the feistiest women he’d dated had managed to make him rock hard with a kiss that lasted less than three seconds.

Spinning on his heel, he marched back into the house with no idea what to do about Christian. Sure, he’d told Katarina he was going to go after him, but how the fuck was he going to track down a crazy bastard who thinks nothing of jumping off a balcony in a storm?

“I know where he’s goin.’” Johnny eased out from the shadow, making Adam jump. 

“Jesus, Johnny. How long have you been there?”

“Long enough.”

Adam scowled but Johnny chuckled. “

“Christian has that effect on men.” Better watch yo self.”

Adam ignored the comment. “So where’s he headed.”


The Filthy Forty

Hey Bookaholics! I’m loving my Book Blitz Tour for my MM Romance Deranged and I just wanted to stop through and share my all time favorite MM and MF romance reads. As an author it is important to know your genre and there are some amazingly talented authors out there. So I want to give them props for their hot and sticky books! I hope you guys love these books as much as I did. *Note: These titles are M/F, that way you won’t get confused. Happy Reading!!!

Knight of Ocean Avenue-Tara Lain
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Sixty Five Hours- N.R. Walker
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*Right Now- Marie Hall
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*Selling Scarlett- Ella James
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*Eve Langlais- Hell’s Kitty
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Niko currently lives in Charlotte NC with her four crazy roommates. She spends her days watching korean dramas and daydreaming of hunky guys falling in love with each other. She dreams of traveling the world gypsy style with her laptop and spinning awesome love stories. 

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