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Dead Lies by Cybele Loening


Welcome to my tour stop for Dead Lies by Cybele Loening! 
Dead Lies is a mystery novel and the tour runs October 22-30 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. 
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About the Book:

Former NYPD cop Anna Valentine just landed her first homicide case: the grisly double murder of a wealthy young couple. But it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Recovering from personal tragedies, the young police office just moved with her traumatized child to the suburbs where she hoped to pursue a quiet life and heal. To complicate matters, although she’s sworn off men until she and her son are happy and whole again, Anna feels the pull of attraction to the handsome twin brother of one of the murder victims, a man who has yet to be crossed off the suspect list. Teaming up with lead detective Jerry Kreeger, a 57-year-old veteran cop who’s lonely, broke and close to burnout, Anna chases a crafty killer and ultimately exposes a family’s shocking secrets that will rock a town.


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Malik turned to face them, his mouth a hard line. “What do you want?”

“I talked to your C/O this morning,” said Kreeger calmly. “Says you gated out from State seven months ago.”

Malik’s eyes narrowed. “Yeah? So what?”

“So, you know one of the conditions of your parole is that you stay out of trouble.” 

Malik’s eyes darted to Anna, then back to Kreeger.

Kreeger pulled out his notebook and slowly flipped pages, trying to put the parolee on edge, make him wonder what was coming next. 

“Where were you between 6:00 and 6:30 on Christmas night?” he said finally. 

Malik’s gaze slithered around the room. “Here.” 

“Can anyone corroborate that?”

“No. Does it look like I get a lot of visitors?”

Cheeky bastard. And yet Anna noticed a crop of wet beads had broken out on his greasy hairline. 

“What were you doing?” said Kreeger.

Malik eyed the bottle of vodka on the table next to a ratty blue recliner. “Watching TV, having a drink.” 

“Let me explain why we’re here,” offered Kreeger casually, as if they were just two guys chatting on the street. “The Apple Bank on Route 17 was robbed on Christmas night, and we’ve got a clear image of your car on the security video. Can you explain that?”

The suspect’s eyes widened ever so slightly, and Anna saw a light go on inside them. 

“Somebody musta stolen it,” he said, grabbing the hook Kreeger had deliberately offered him.

“Yeah?” said Kreeger. “You report it missing?” 

Malik swallowed. “No, I was just speculating. I haven’t left my apartment since that night. I wouldn’t know if it was gone.”

Kreeger shifted tack to keep the suspect off balance. “Working these days?” he asked, already aware that Malik worked the ten-to-six shift at a local chemical factory that employed ex-convicts. A steady job was one of the terms of his parole.

“I’m working,” said Malik quickly. “But I was off the past couple of days.” Anna could see the wheels of the criminal’s mind spinning. He added, “You can check with my manager.”

Kreeger’s eyes bored into Malik’s. “I will.” He paused. “You going to work today?”

“Yeah, and I gotta leave in a few minutes. I was just getting dressed when you showed up.” 

Anna saw Malik’s face visibly relax. Apparently he decided the police weren’t going to arrest him, were just fishing. “We done here?” the man said, giving an impatient wave of his hand.
“Not quite. So, Lester, you’re saying you were nowhere near that Apple Bank on Christmas night?”

A look of uncertainty flitted across Malik’s face, but he quickly corrected it. “That’s what I’m saying.”

Kreeger nodded. “Your parole officer tells me you got a history of robbery. There’s no chance you slipped and fell back into your old life for a night?” 

Malik’s face clouded over. “I didn’t do it,” he said adamantly.

It was probably the only honest answer Malik had given so far. 

Kreeger eyeballed the man, closing his notebook. “Okay, Lester, we’re done now,” the detective said, pleasantly as can be. “Thanks for your time.”  


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“Top marks…five stars…” Self-Publisher’s Showcase

“Loening is a master of her craft.” Main Street Magazine


Cybele LoeningAbout the Author:

Becoming a novelist was a dream come true for Cybele Loening, and one that was many years in the making. Like many aspiring writers and creative types, when she completed her education, she didn’t think she could make a living doing what she loved. So, she took a job that was related to writing but not actually writing: She became an editor. She loved editing but never gave up her dream of writing a novel someday.

It wasn’t until she was in her late thirties that she finally realized “someday” was right now. After many years of working in Corporate America, she was burned out of her job and exhausted by city living. She realized she was giving her best energy to a career and life that no longer fit. So, she took a huge leap of faith and quit her job to write full-time. The book she began writing eventually became Dead Lies.

Quitting her job was a scary step, but it changed her life. Tapping away at her keyboard, she realized she was happier than she had been in a while. She felt creative and energized again and was thrilled to have discovered her passion, her life’s work.

That one brave step into the unknown led to other wonderful changes in her life. For years she had dreamed of living in the country, so she began renting a cottage in Litchfield County, Connecticut, to see how it felt. She never looked back. And it was in this idyllic place that she met her soul mate and now husband, the life and business coach, Brooke Loening. They married a few years later, and together they renovated a home in which they now both live and work.

Spending her days writing and living in a place she loves, she has found bliss she never thought possible.

A spiritual seeker and lover of all of life’s mysteries, Cybele is hard at work on the next book in the Anna Valentine Detective Series and a memoir. She is also a blogger with a global mission: to help women achieve their dreams and live their very best lives.

You can find her at, and on Facebook (Cybele Loening and Cybele Loening Mysteries) and Twitter (@CybeleLoening).



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